Assi Ghat

Cremation Services at the Assi Ghat, life is unpredictable and the demise of a loved can leave a lasting impact on your life. But, when you face such a situation, it can be a task to absorb the information and also ensure that the last rites are performed with grace. It is a sad moment but it is also important to pay the last respects with proper planning and arrangement. This includes arrangements of resources as well as a cremation ground to perform the last rites.


Kasi/Varanasi is a huge city and finding the right place can be tough so we, at Anthyesti, offer pure and simple arrangements with services including Pujari services, a mortuary backup, vehicles and ambulances, and banquet provision for puja and bhog. All these services are offered at the Assi Ghat, a place which is crowded by people from different areas of the city. While the crematorium does not offer hearse van services, we take care of the transportation as well.


Getting a space at the Assi Ghat is on a first come first serve basis and can be availed by walking to the manager and securing a slot for your proceedings. There is a waiting room where you can wait for your turn and then proceed with the rituals. The Crematorium does not offer online booking and since it is visited by many people, the waiting time can be high. With our ambulance services, you can save on time and get an earlier slot as well. The Crematorium requires documentation to verify the identity before proceeding further with the rituals. Moreover, the Crematorium will give you the ashes as well as the death certificate 1-2 hours after the burning completes.


So, if you are going through a tough time and looking for cremation services, let Anthyesti take care of your problems and help you with the arrangements at the Assi Ghat. Call us to know more.